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From the initial assessment through optimization and ongoing monitoring, let us walk you through the steps.

1. Free Assessment

  • Sign Access Agreement – Billing/environment data only
  • Data Collection – takes approximately 7 days

Learn more about our
Assessment Process

2. Findings Review

  • In-Depth presentation
    • ID specific areas for cost savings
    • Estimate monthly savings
    • Establish a timeline for implementation

3. Proposal

  • Summarize potential savings
  • Costs for our services
  • Estimated ROI

4. Kickoff Phase 

  • Starts when the contract is complete
  • Assign team
  • Integrate into FinOps team
  • Provide access to the portal
  • Kick-off Meeting
  • Initiate work on high impact savings opportunities

5. Contract Term

  • Continue work on implementing recommended changes
  • Continuous monitoring
    • Analyze new and changing workloads
    • Evaluate Cloud Provider changes
      • Pricing 
      • Pricing Metrics
      • New Offerings

6. Maintenance Period

  • Contract Extension
    • Continue Recommendations
    • Continue Monitoring
  • Renewal Pricing





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