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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AWS Savings Calculator?
FinOps Oversight’s AWS Savings Calculator was developed to help users understand how much money they can save on AWS by partnering with FinOps Oversight.

How do I use the AWS Savings Calculator?
Finding out how much money you can save through the AWS Savings Calculator is simple! All you have to do is enter how much you spend on AWS monthly and our calculator will show how much you could potentially save over a 3 year period.

What does AWS cost?
AWS pricing varies depending on the services that are needed. Many different things factor into how much AWS will cost you, including time of usage, bandwidth, service management, storage, computing power, network, environment, location, and more.

Are you overspending on AWS?
A number of reports indicate that cloud computing users have around 35 percent of wasted spend in each invoice. That wasted spend accumulates from organizations misunderstanding billing, joining an incorrect pricing level, losing track of overall cloud spend, et cetera.