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Leave it to us

Remember this is a service, let us show you what that means.

What sets us apart from other solutions is the fact that we conduct cost optimization for our clients as a service.  This means our clients don’t have to:

  • Invest in 3rd party tools
  • Attend and pay for training to learn how to effectively utilize those tools
  • Spend time monitoring and analyzing the data collected
  • Coordinate with resource owners to plan recommended changes
  • Manually implement the recommended changes

And then what happens when the person assigned to this role leaves the company or has to focus on other responsibilities?


Our dedicated team of analysts live and breathe this stuff every day, working with over 110 clients from around the world. We work closely with your FinOps team to develop and execute a custom cost optimization strategy. As part of this service, we:

  • Conduct regular meetings with your stakeholders or FinOps lead
  • Review anomalies, cost trends, and identify cost savings opportunities
  • Provide continuous monitoring
  • Establish customizable alerts to help you avoid unexpected costs
  • Provide tools that automate recommended changes

As you might guess, some of the changes we recommend can be time-consuming, which can create a very real barrier to achieving cost optimization.  We thought the same thing, so for most of the required tasks we have developed simple automations that take minutes not days. 

Every month we provide a detailed review of your monthly invoice, including a full variance reconciliation which helps you understand why and how your costs are changing over time.  As part of our service, we also provide full access to our technology, including our cost optimization tools, customizable invoice templates, and environment dashboards.  For our clients…the days and nights wondering if they were overspending on cloud services are over.  

Public Cloud Platforms We Support

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 Amazon Web Services

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Microsoft Azure

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Google Cloud

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