Billing and Cost Management

Billing and Cost Management

Savings is the name of the game. As you work towards an optimized and expertly run business with the help of your cloud provider, we work towards saving you money within your cloud usage as well as your time with us. We take every chance to save you money while working with your budget to get you to your cloud goals.

We Find Savings By…

Managing Stopped/Unused Services

Upgrading to Current Platforms

Reducing Compute Sizes of Servers

Rightsizing Compute Clusters

Scheduling Resources to Match Usage

Reducing Provisioned Storage

And So Much More!

Our Consolidated Billing Option

Through our consolidated billing service, you will receive a single monthly bill across all the services we provide, allowing you to see everything in one place and better manage your costs. Additionally, you have full control over what you utilize us for – whether that be for one service or multiple. Regardless, we will ensure the highest quality service and savings.

We Also Provide…

RI Wizard

For Azure

And CloudHiro – Automate the purchase of RI’s and see savings of up to 50% on VMs.

IBM Apptio

We Provide Discounts

Comprehensive FinOps solution from IBM.

Let us Optimize your Cloud Operations!

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