Our Approach

Our Approach

From the initial assessment through optimization and ongoing monitoring, let us walk you through the steps!

1. Free Assessment

Sign Access Agreement – Billing/environment data only

Data Collection – takes approximately 7 days

2. Findings Review

In-Depth presentation

ID specific areas for cost savings

Estimate monthly savings

Establish a timeline for implementation

3. Proposal

Summarize potential savings

Costs for our services

Estimated ROI

4. Kickoff Phase

Starts when the contract is complete

Assign team

Integrate into the FinOps team

Provide access to the portal

Kick-off Meeting

Initiate work on high-impact savings opportunities

5. Contract Term

Continue work on implementing recommended changes

Continuous monitoring

Analyze new and changing workloads

Evaluate Cloud Provider changes


Pricing Metrics

New Offerings

6. Maintenance Period

Contract Extension

Continue Recommendations

Continue Monitoring

Renewal Pricing

Our Assessment Process

1. One of our engineers will work with you to securely connect your cloud environment to our assessment portal. This generally takes 15-20 minutes.

2. During the assessment period, we collect environmental data, including a full resource inventory, services in use, and some operational data that will help us identify cost-saving opportunities. In addition, we will capture and analyze detailed billing records. At no time will we have access to your internal data.

3. After about 7 days of data collection, our team will analyze the environment and data.

4. We will then review those findings with you, including a full cost breakdown of savings opportunities. We will also prepare a price quote for our services and then let you decide how to proceed.

Let us Optimize your Cloud Operations!

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